Zach for City Council

Zach DeBoer
for City Council


My name is Zach DeBoer and I'm running for Sioux Falls City Council in the Central District. As we continue to grow, our city city faces a number of issues. These are the three I'm most passionate about:

Designing Safe Streets & Neighborhoods

  • Slowing cars down in neighborhoods through proven, low-cost solutions like painting crosswalks, bumpouts, and parking lane lines
  • Updating the city's Engineering Design Standards with contemporary practices like narrower traffic lanes and tighter curb corner radii
  • Investment in neighborhood infrastructure/amenities like increased street lighting, tree trimming and sidewalk maintenance.
  • Installation of bicycle infrastructure like bike lanes, sharrows, and continued expansion of the bike trail network.

Smart Growth & Development

  • Smarter, more economic use of our most valuable resource -- land
  • Elimination of 'Parking Minimums' for new and existing developments to encourage infill development in our core
  • Slowing development on the outer edge of Sioux Falls to ensure the City can afford to maintain and upkeep the hundreds of miles of new roads built each year
  • More incentive programs for developers and homeowners to encourage development/investment in the core neighborhoods

Transparent & Collaborative City Government

  • A city government that is open, transparent, and responsive to the general public
  • A city that actively seeks new voices and opinions from it's citizens
  • A city that welcomes collaboration from businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals
  • Explore new ways to inform/engage the public about important issues like open house meetings, developments projects, or changes to ordinances


If you want to learn more about me and my vision for Sioux Falls, check out my Facebook page or visit the Press & Media page.

I'd love to hear what you believe in too! If you'd like to connect, click here or visit my social media pages below.