Live Video - Argus Leader
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I sat down with Argus Leader city watchdog reporter, Joe Sneve and fellow candidate Scott Bartlett to discuss issues facing the city of Sioux Falls.

Zach DeBoer
City Council Candidate Forum
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An edited video of my responses to the questions asked at the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce and the Sioux Falls League of Women Voter's City Council Candidate Forum.

Zach DeBoer
Interview - Sioux Empire Podcast
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I sat down with Robert Mehling of the phenomenal Sioux Empire Podcast for an extended conversation about the issues facing our city and my vision for Sioux Falls.

Zach DeBoer
Parking Ramp - City Council

I gave my thoughts on the recently approved mixed-use parking ramp project being built downtown during Public Input. There's been a lot of heated debate about the topic, so I wanted to share my concerns with the city council and with all of you.

Zach DeBoer
Right on Red - KELOLAND News
Zach DeBoer Right on Red

Does our city government have the safety of its citizens in mind as they make design changes to our streets and neighborhoods? Here's a video from KELOLAND News about the recently adopted 'Right on Red' signals near downtown Sioux Falls.

Zach DeBoer
Pride March - KSFY News
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"I think it's easy to stay at home and support something and post something on Facebook, but when you show up in person and stand together with people it makes a bigger difference and bigger impact," Zach DeBoer of Sioux Falls said.

Zach DeBoer
Brandon City Flag Project
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"Zach DeBoer, a Brandon Valley High School graduate and owner of Exposure Gallery & Studios in Sioux Falls spearheaded the project, which was funded through DeBoer’s residency at Robert Bennis Elementary School and was part of the South Dakota Arts Council’s Artists in Schools & Communities program."

Zach DeBoer
Brewhaha Event - Captain 11
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I was asked to speak at REACH Literacy's annual fundraiser, 'Brewhaha'. I decided to share a story about meeting one of my heroes (and South Dakota legend), Captain 11.

Zach DeBoer
Explore Sioux Falls - Sioux Falls CVB

The Sioux Falls CVB asked me to be a part of this video piece featuring all the great things Sioux Falls has to offer visitors and tourists. I had a chance to show off our amazing city to travel blogger Justin Walter and hit up some of my favorite places downtown.

Zach DeBoer
Reverse Parking - Argus Leader

"Concerns about safety have existed for a while on that road, as well. Supporters of reverse angle, like Exposure Gallery and Studios owner Zach DeBoer, have watched drivers fly down the hill from north to south at speeds well over the limit for years."

Zach DeBoer
Business Journal - Downtown
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"I am seeing that spirit of personal pride and ownership downtown often. I saw it, for instance, in Exposure Gallery & Studios owner Zach DeBoer, who took it upon himself..."

Zach DeBoer
Angled Parking Project - KDLT

"A local business owner says he was so determined to see more parking in downtown that he proposed an idea, involving 60 new parking spots and a bicycle lane. It’s been a project that’s been a year in the making and, with the approval of the City Council, it’s almost complete."

Zach DeBoer
Angled Parking Project - KSFY

"One individual has made it his mission to add more parking spots to Main Avenue in Downtown Sioux Falls." a report by KSFY on the angled parking I installed along Main Avenue in uptown.

Zach DeBoer